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Roberta Raimondi NPC Figure Athlete

Christina Piccininni NPC Bikini Athlete

James Lizama NPC Bodybuilding Athlete

Valerie White NPC Figure Athlete

Kerri Bellatone NPC Bikini Athlete

Shane McGhee NPC Physique Athlete

Nicole Dannecker NPC Bikini Athlete

Jason Zandman NPC Physique Athlete

Jelissa Abad NPC Bikini

Heather Greco NPC Bikini Athlete

Erik Stephan NPC Physique Athlete

Ryan Fitzgerald NPC Physique Athlete

Gwen Morris Bikini

Michelle Mccorkle Bikini

Sarah Caputo Bikini

Christyan Villijoint Physique

Amanda Loenseth Bikini

Nicole Puccilo Bikini

Traci Vicaro Figure

Jamie Pastorini NPC Bikini Athlete

Deidre Bielicka

Kristyn Matelski

Justine Collado

Jessica Long

Loreta Brady NPC Figure Athlete

Danielle Taddeo NPC Bikini Athlete

Gina Gragnaniello NPC Bikini Athlete

Jessica Hart NPC Figure

Jaime Caravella NPC Figure Athlete

Jessica Gosses NPC Figure Athlete

Nicole Gougoumis NPC Bikini Athlete

Christina Sarni NPC Bikini Athlete

Nina Cammarata NPC Bikini Athlete

Michele Zandman-Frankel NPC Figure Athlete

Sean Wallace NPC Physique Athlete

Karen Tarantino NPC Bikini Athlete

Ashley Santangelo NPC Bikini Athlete

Jess Nicola NPC Figure

Stephanie Pagano NPC Bikini Athlete

Toni Adelung NPC Bikini Athlete

Jill Cooper NPC Bikini

Brett Holeman NPC Physique Athlete

Faith Perez NPC Bikini

Ashley Nunez NPC Figure Athlete

Joey Chentrancolo NPC Physique Athlete

Dylan Resitano Bodybuilding

Danielle Rispoli Bikini

Ahmad Mahmoud

Carly Fogel

Charisse Lim

Christina Chafos

Ekaterina Hunt

Kristin Matelski

Michele Frankel

Nicole Pucillo

Robla Vechia

Shafon McNeil

Our Athlete Testimonials

When I met Michele and Randy I needed a goal! I was looking to transform my body, and didn't know how. After talking to them I decided to face my fears and compete in my first bikini competition. Believe me, this was a daunting goal for a 34 year old mother of 3. With their daily support and constant contact via text, face time, or in person meetings I was able to reach my goal. The level of support and confidence they gave me was second to none. I told them, "tell me what to do and I'll do it!" There were times when I got off track but they were there! They were never judgmental, they simply gave me the tools I needed to keep moving forward. On top of being wonderful trainers and nutritionist, they are also wonderful people. We would always laugh and have a good time when we were together. I now consider Randy and Michele my friends, not just my trainers!!

- Liz Reilly
Doing a figure competition has been on my bucket list for YEARS!! Working with Randy and Michele taught me so much about nutrition and working out in a way that's both manageable and effective for contest prep. They answered my tons of questions and were with me every step of the way!! Thank you Revolutionize for helping me to finally get my butt on stage!!

- Jessica Gosses

Jessica is a licensed professional counselor and lifestyle coach at Tri State Health and Wellness in Fair Lawn, NJ. She also is a certified personal trainer( NASM CPT and FNS) .

I was luckily referred to Michele and Randy following a very difficult contest prep with another coach/team. Prior to working with RevolutioniZe USA I was depressed, malnourished, and had developed a very unhealthy relationship with food. With the whole-hearted support, kindness, endless patience, and knowledge of Team RevolutioniZe I was able to begin to reverse the damage from my past experience and repair not only my perception of nutrition but gain confidence, poise, and the best version of me to date! Above all, I was able to set a wonderful example for my young daughter of what real strength and health looks like. I have nothing but the highest praise and gratitude for the coaches. They truly care about their athletes and without their guidance I may have never stepped on my first NPC stage in August 2014. Looking forward to next season!

- Jessica Hart
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