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The RevolutioniZe Challenge

Our Signature Program With 1,000s Of Inches Lost And Counting!

Elite Nutrition for Everyone

  • Macro-nutrient breakdown
  • Two Meal templates as we learn to break away from unsustainable meal plans
  • Food swaps
  • Furthering your education in Nutrition and Flexible Eating
  • Weekly follow Ups With Your Nutritionist
  • Email contact with Nutritionist
  • One on One coaching with your own nutritionist
  • Access to Fit3D Body Imaging
  • Exclusively Designed to ramp up your metabolism and crush bad habits!
  • Fitness Program
  • Mailing list and RevolutioniZe Original Recipes!
  • $139 Per Month

***3 Month Commitment

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 NPC/IFBB Pre-Contest Prep Program

NPC/IFBB  Athletes Ready to rock the stage. First timers and veterans welcome!

  • All features of RevolutioniZe Program
  • Posing Practice
  • Guidance for tanning/hair/makeup/Competition Suit measurements and purchase
  • Fitness program
  • Day of show assistance (price may vary depending on distance to show)
  • $1500(up to 6 months of prep and one day of show assistance)($100 for additional show within 6 weeks of 1st)
  • A la Carte posing sessions without Contest Prep program are $45 per 30 minute session.

Fit 3-D

RevolutioniZe brings you Fit3D! Scans are $30 each.

The first location in the state of New Jersey that allows you to track your progress with this top of the line technology!

Watch your body transform and visualize your information!

Fit3D ProScanner

  • Captures a 360-degree, full body image.
  • Captures important body measurements.
  • Log in to your private account, and your information is available to you on your laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

learn everything there is to know about Fit3D ProScanner and Body Imaging!

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Fit3D Web Platform

  • All your images and measurements are privately stored in your password-protected account.
  • See how your body is changing with 3D images, measurements, and wellness measurements over time.
  • Your personal data is private, but you can choose to share your reports with your coach, nutritionist, doctor, or even your friends. You can add related data, too!
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