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Client Testimonials

Our Client Testimonials

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"Working out has always been a big part of my life. I grew up playing sports, I competed at a collegiate level and I always found time to get to the gym while balancing work and family.

Working out 5-6 days a week, many years with a trainer, was great but what changed my body the most was adding a key component - nutrition. RevolutioniZe was the "secrete formula" I had been looking for...the balance of working out and nutrition. Their combination of carbs, fats and proteins actually change your body. The Fit3D scans show the actual changes in your body - it provides you with the extra motivation you need!! That combined with the amazing team at Revolutionize make it all easy. They are energetic, helpful & supportive every step of the way!"

-RevolutioniZe Member
"My 'new' life started on June 23, 2015 when I first met with Ashley Nunez at Revolutionize. I was scared, but knew it was time for what I was about to start. You see, at this point in my life, I was the heaviest I had ever been and I didn't fit into any of the clothes in my closet. I didn't want to go out with my friends because I didn't fit or feel good in anything. And if you know me, you know that this was huge because I am a social butterfly. I felt alone, worthless, and definitely depressed!

I weighed in at 240 pounds, over 40% body fat and inches that I am sure almost broke the Fit 3D scan machine! I am a Physical Education Teacher and to me this was unacceptable. I had tried Weight Watchers, Advocare, and my own version of diets with fat burners and what I thought would work. I made excuses about bad break ups, being too busy and being too tired. But this time, something needed to be done. I needed to take my life back.

Counting Macros has been really easy. Easier than I thought it would be. I had already used the My Fitness Pal App before, so I totally knew how to use it. Once you start putting your food in, it saves your meals for you and you just have to take 30 seconds to click on what you ate. No excuses!

Ashley and Revolutionize have made a huge difference in my life. I have accountability that I always knew I needed, but never truly had. Being able to text Ashley whenever I have questions is absolutely amazing, and I still do it 4 months later! I have a workout and nutrition coach that I talk to every day, have a weekly check in and that I can share my weight room PR's with. I really do believe she has become a friend!

As of October 14, 2015, I am down to 206.2 and have lost over 20 inches. I am hitting PR's in the weight room that I didn't even hit when I was a High School athlete! I am fitting into clothes that I haven't fit into in years. My closet is a whole new wardrobe for me and all I pay is $75 a month! At no point in time have I felt deprived of anything! I remember thinking when I first walked into the office that if they told me I couldn't drink beer anymore, I was out! Ladies and Gentleman, I am here to tell you I still have my beer! One thing I have found though, is that once I started eating healthy, I really didn't want it as much! Flexible eating is amazing, and if you haven't tried it, you need to give Revolutionize a chance to work for you!

Oh, have I mentioned that I live in Michigan?!?!?"

-Sheri Hoving
"Before beginning a remote program with Revolutionize, I was hesitant because I've tried calorie restrictive diets where I have to eat designated foods at designated times and it was just not sustainable. I lasted for a month and was miserable for most of it because I was always hungry. I LOVE food! But I had seen the results and Fit3D scans of some of their members and was tempted to give it a shot.

What I was doing was not working and was resulting in me having to buy new pants every six months. My goal for for beginning my program at Revolutionize was to lean down in the present, but also to learn tools for life long success when it comes to my body shape and that is exactly what I got. The flexible eating plan was explained to me thoroughly by my awesome counselors and they were never more than a call or text away should I have any concerns or questions. This team really knows what they are doing. It took a few weeks to get the hang of things, but I've found what works for me! I've changed my eating habits around and now I feel more in control of my body than I ever have. I don't deny myself the foods that I love, but I keep them in check so that I don't feel like a victim of my cravings."

-Michele Osorio
"With the amazing knowledge and help of Michele and Randy I can finally have my cake and eat it too. Body after baby number three has definitely shown me some new challenges. However, learning to calculate my macronutrients and track my food has really helped me reach my goals and feel satisfied while not depriving myself of any summer treats! Thank you so much Michele and Randy for showing me how to have control over something I've fought with my whole life! "

-Jessica J.
When I started to RevolutioniZe my life it was just to get all that surrounded me off my back (about losing weight and getting fit). The journey began on May 20, 2013. Since then I've lost 30 pounds, went from 17.5'' neck to 16.5'' and 38'' to 34'' Waist. But all wasn't about Losing.. rather about finding that what surrounded me was Love. Another 10 pounds to go to complete the RevolutioniZe journey.. it's going to be fun.. To Life!!

- Mike Z.
I have worked out and tried every diet out there. Being a professional hip-hop dancer, I really have to put myself out there and it's frustrating working hard but not seeing the results. After sitting down with RevolutioniZe I finally felt like this was the last time I was going to be trying to figure it out. They designed me MY OWN nutritional plan! Everybody is different and can't be on the same diet. They were also very supportive and informative and DEDICATED for me to reach my goal! I was finally able to look in the mirror and see definitions in my body. This summer was the first time I ever went out and bought shorts and a bathing suit and not be afraid to hide my body. I am now 100 percent more confident that when I stand in a class with other dancers and not stick out like a sore thumb, but STAND OUT. :-) RevolutioniZe are great people to work with and make you feel comfortable and motivated! Thanks again!

- Christina S.
Life is so good, my energy level is through the roof. Never have I felt this good about a weight program. Not only your food program but the fact that the both of you we're so supportive, even on the bad weeks. Trying to change your eating habits after 67 years is next to impossible, but with your help and support I did it!!!! Still going on but glad to be where I am today. What can be said about two people who put so much time and effort to ensure positive results for others. No diet pills no special meals nothing but eating the right foods every day.Always giving positive feedback even when you have a bad week. Their methods take time and effort, but the results cannot be denied. 16 weeks is not a long time to undue Years and Years of bad eating habits.So happy to be part of this Great Team- it has changed my life.

- Les G.
Through out my entire life, the one thing that I could really remember, about myself, was being overweight and at times, near obese. Be mindful, I was a pre-teen, so that means, I could not join ANY gym in NY until I was at least 13 years old. I went to a lot of nutritionists, and each one would contradict what they would say. One would say to eat as many fruits & vegetables as you want, and others would say to eat less and less meat, and swap it for more and more "green" foods, with some added protein, while omitting meat. The problem with these "diets", was that I didn't like them, but more so I didn't trust the nutritionists. I didn't know who they were, and I was mostly hoping that I could have eaten foods, that I did like. 10 years later, I moved to NJ, joined a gym, became awesome friends with my trainers, and later learned that they are creating a nutritional program, called "RevolutioniZe". As one of their first clients, I tried their program, and saw huge changes within only 2 months. I lost nearly 7% body fat, and was at my lowest weight ever (so far)! The "secret" to why this program works, is actually quite simple; I trust them. Since I trusted my trainers, I was able to have this trickle-down confidence effect, from the foods I eat, to even working out better at my gym. Henceforth, their nutritional title, RevolutioniZe, is only but appropriate. Michele Zandman and Randy Frankel, are now the only two people, that I trust when it comes to nutritional queries, and they would be the only two. I am personally glad, and excited to volunteer for this!

- Jon G.
So it's been a long road. Losing weight has been a new year's goal for years and years. I managed to lose about 50 pounds my junior year of highschool, and I wound up putting it back on not too long after I focused on skinny, not healthy. From that point on, I was determined to get back to that. I was only able to lose about 10-15 lbs on my own, but I kept gaining it back - I was yo yoing and not getting anywhere. I tried lots and lots of "fad diets" and other crap that got me no where. A friend at work suggested I contact Michele in order to lose weight and I figured I had tried everything else, why not? I realized when I met up for the initial meeting it was going to be different. At that point, I managed to lose 10 pounds, but it took me a ridiculous amount of time. So, I went into this thinking it would take me just as long to lose just as much. After 60 days working with them, I lost about 20 lbs and 5% of body fat. The best part? It was the easiest thing - I finally felt like I could do this. I am finally back to the "fat weight" in high school, and now that I hit that goal, I know I can smash through the next few and finally get into my first ever bikini! :)

- Brandi G.
Weight loss and exercise has always been difficult for me, especially leading the sedentary lifestyle that most wheelchair users with Spina Bifida are accustomed to. In May, 2013, I was injured in a fall and my surgeon told me I needed to lose weight and maintain a healthy body composition to be able to move successfully. The way I was able to get around and ambulate had changed drastically. I started working out with Michele and Randy in late October of the same year. I never looked back. They taught me that exercise and eating right can be fun as well as healthy. You don't have to deprive yourself with RevolutioniZe. It isn't a diet or a fad. It is a lifestyle. You can still treat yourself. Since I started working with Michele and Randy, I have continued on the healthy path. I was 202 lbs when I first met them. I have since lost 38 1/2 lbs! I am down to 162 1/2 lbs. I have 22 more pounds to go to reach my goal. My ultimate goal, however is to join Michele on the NPC Bodybuilding stage in the amateur wheelchair division by 2015, and get my pro card by 2016. I know I can do it!

- Scott B.
I was introduced to Michele and Randy, owners of Revolutionize, in November 2013. I had been searching for nutritional guidance after recovering from having three surgeries in a year and a half. All of the medical professionals sent me in the direction of dietitians. If I never see another food pyramid again it will be too soon. At our first meeting they presented themselves professionally and knowledgable and enthusiastic. And, they LISTENED! Randy and Michele listened to my thoughts about how I was feeling and what my goals were. They asked a few questions to make some calculations and developed a food plan just for me. It's simple, healthy eating filled with foods that provide the nutrients needed to fuel the body. They teach their clients to go back to the basics and to take the time to plan ahead, purchase, prep, weigh and measure the meals. That results in building confidence because a person is prepared.They teach their clients how to succeed and are always there to answer questions - I mean it 24/7 whether it's food or exercise related. They provide a perfect support system for their clients who very quickly become their friends. I have learned it is not always about the numbers on the scale, it's about body composition. In addition to loosing pounds and building muscle I have more energy, less bloating and I am more alert and my clothes fit better. I am happy and excited about how I feel everyday and have become more confident in myself. Thank you Randy and Michele!! I have been RevolutioniZed!!!

- Kathy B.
Revolutionize has helped to transform my life and has given me the tools and education necessary to continue with a healthy lifestyle. I spent over a year working out at the gym so I could fit into my dream wedding dress. Without seeing the results I wanted, I decided to take control, make a change and sought out nutritional counselling. Randy and Michele are truly a dynamic duo! From the moment I started, I was given the guidance and constructive feedback needed to make a lifestyle change. They understood my goals and provided me with the support needed to help overcome my struggles. Randy and Michele always remained available for questions, created a macro plan that was unique to me, gave exercise tips that optimized my results, education to understand why this process works and the store conveniently provides you with everything you need to stay on track. In just 4 months I was down to my goal weight and body fat percentage. Randy and Michele went above and beyond, exceeded all my expectations and helped me to feel confident and beautiful on my wedding day. Through the healthy lifestyle program I was able to learn how to have a flexible diet and never once did I have to give up the cookie.

- Ashley Frascella
Happy to say Randy and Michele are very close friends of mine. They run a nutritional counseling facility in Freehold NJ. If you're at a dead end with trying to get yourself in shape, they are your ' go-to people!" They specialize in flexible nutrition so no, you will not be starving & yes, you can still enjoy your fav foods in moderation. Go check out their website & find out all about "IIFYM" & flexible dieting.

- Nicole Gougoumis
I'm so proud of you guys!! But im not surprised!! You are very genuine and so knowledgeable plus you're with us every step of the way going through this process making feel like a breeze!! Keep on rocking!!! Get ready because there are more people to come!!! Congrats you guys are the best and you treat us like family...we know we are in the best hands with you guys.

- Faith Perez
Michele Zandman - Frankel and Randy Frankel truly live up to their brand's name. Had the pleasure of hanging out at Revolutionize in Freehold today and loved every minute of it!

- Rachel Kutner
I went to a get together at my CrossFit gym tonight. Can I tell you how much I talked about you? I need to get my ass on track and back to my ways. You have inspired me more than I thought. Keep doing what you do!

- Jennifer Stern
Workout Friday ~Each and every morning when that alarm goes off and it's time to get up and do your fasted cardio or to just hit the gym, it get's harder as the days / weeks pass. However we are not getting any younger, so we must push ourselves to be the best we can be.The only person you are competing with is you. It's always going to be and up-hill battle, however, it a fight that we must stay in and never surrender.Survival of the fittest is what life is about (to me lol.) it's always going to be "You vs You",Michele Zandman - Frankel, you have proven that hard work + dedication = results. You continually keep setting that bar higher for yourself and everyone that comes in contact with you my friend. Besides the fact that you very beautiful, plus and amazing women / athlete, you are continually motivating and inspiring others to step up their fitness and conditioning to live a better life. Never stop being a "Motivator" !!!

- Rob
After being stuck at an 80 lb weightless for years, I finally found the perfect combination to break through!!! I joined Orange Theory Fitness, finally finding a gym that I LOVED to go to. Speaking to a trainer there, she had told me about Revolutionize to figure out my macros. Well boom!! Between my workouts and nutrition on lock, I achieved results that I never though possible. Thank you so much for teaching me I don't have to avoid gluten, dairy, etc when my body really doesn't have a problem with them. Just eating the correct things, sticking to my numbers, crushing my workouts, was the key. People are floored at the gym at how far I've come, and I'm more than happy to send them your way!I had done another plan a while back and didn't touch dairy out of fear for 2 years. Thank you for giving my cheese back to go with my wine, if it fits my macros !

- Danielle Sorbara
There really are not enough stars to give here! I started at Revolutionize 3 months before my wedding based on recommendations from a friend of a friend. I worked with Rebecca and again no words for how incredible and knowledgeable she is. After my initial meeting and scan, Rebecca gave me the macros to follow. She nailed it because we did not have to change the numbers once and the results are literally out of control. I lost inches on my hips and body composition totally changed while knowing this wasn't a diet by any means. My goal was to 'get lean' and I accomplished that but couldn't have done it without her. Rebecca was always available for questions and kept me motivated the entire time. She would check in via text for me to send her screen shots to keep me on track. I couldn't have gotten more compliments this past Saturday on how great I looked. I feel amazing and have Rebecca and Revolutionize to thank for it!!

- Kaitlyn Grimes
Love the concept, the progress and most of all the results! Thank you to Emily, Michelle and the gang at revolutionize for helping me reach my goal before my son's graduation! Mission accomplished!!!

- Sherry Eckstein
Amazing people who felt like family from the first day we met. If you want people who believe in what they do, are willing to have faith in you and treat you like their own then hurry up and get to the Rev house!! You'll love the way you look

- Keila Kyle
I'll start off by saying Thank you to the Revolutionize team. Especially Emily, my wonderful nutritionist who is always super helpful and just a text away! As well as Michele, who is always super supportive and positive!

I lost 20 pounds in three months…the right way…without starving myself. Most importantly for me, I lost the fat without sacrificing too much lean muscle.

After doing crossfit and hit workouts for many years and never feeling or looking my best, I knew I needed help with my nutrition (mostly portion control). I wanted my body to show all the hard work I put in. But I always ate too much. I knew Revolutionize was the right place to go for help as I've heard wonderful things about Revolutionize.

I truly loved the whole concept of the 3D cool!!! Tracking my progress was easy and fun.

Revolutionize also has a store front to buy some yummy new products to stay on track.

- Kim Caccamo
Whether you are a competitor or just looking to better your eating habits and lifestyle, you wont get any better than Revolutionize!”

- Erik Stephan
Hands down the BEST people ever!!!!

- Michele Elbertson
Great selection in the shop!! and I highly recommend getting a 3D FitScan to track progress!

- Jeanette Silvestri
I have been working with Emily and Randy since December and it has by far been the best experience ever! Everyone at Revolutionize are down to earth wonderful people. They treat you like family are always willing to go the extra mile to help out. I started in December and have lost 13lbs, gained more muscle, and feel absolutely fantastic. I have struggled with my workouts and nutrition for a while as my Lyme disease flared up, but with there knowledge and motivation I am feeling better than ever!

- Charlie Mecca
Michele is awesome . I love going to rev they are so knowledgeable and passionate about health and fitness . It is my go to for all my nutritional needs. Love you Michele!!

- Lisa Dobbin
I joined in December. Rebecca is my coach and I couldn't be happier. I needed help finding balance with my food and fitness routine. Rebecca helps me stay accountable to my plan. I email randy with gym questions sometimes when I'm in the middle of a set and he always gets back to me. He has been there to help me tweak my plan so I can fit it in to this new lifestyle I'm trying to create. I love my team! I'm having a great experience. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to make healthy changes.

- Stacey Lynn
I decided to work with Michelle and Randy and boy was it the right choice. After competing for the first time I knew I wanted to change coaches right away, a girl I knew at the gym, recommended Michelle and Randy so I decided to meet with them. As soon as I met them I felt like I've known them for years. I text them everyday and let them know my melt downs and progress and they literally are up all hours replying back. I told them my goals and I know that I will get there with their passion, loyalty, knowledge, and motivation. The minute you walk through the door they greet you with huge smiles and give you the best knowledge to surpass your goals ! I know that I will be top three after working with me! Love them to death!!

- Dayna DeMarco
Great selection in the shop!! and I highly recommend getting a 3D FitScan to track progress!

- Jeanette Silvestri
RevolutioniZe is literally life changing. I have had nothing but support from Michele, Randy, and my nutritionist Rebecca and truly feel like I am part of a family at Rev! Every time I walk in the door, there is such a positive vibe and I leave there feeling accomplished and ready to keep pushing ahead on my fitness journey. I am so happy that I have met the amazing team at Rev and love that they are a part of my life! A truly amazing place!

- Alli Dunham

- Randy Marker
I can't write enough about this place! Michele and Randy are two amazing, positive people who show never ending love and support for every client that walks through the door...doing a show or not. My amazing nutritionist Rebecca is always motivating and supporting me with weekly check-ins and talks about nutrition. The entire REV family has changed my life and I love that I am a part of this team!

- Danielle Rispoli
I decided to work with the team at Rev for my first prep and I'm so glad that I did! I was originally worried about getting some cookie cutter miserable plan that required me to spend my life in the gym doing cardio but NOT HERE! From the first email exchange to the first time I walked through the doors Randy Michele & the rest of the team have made me feel nothing but comfortable. And they're literally there for you 24/7 which helps when you need someone to say no to your 10 pm cravings. Highly recommend working with them- one of the best investments I've ever made!

- Jelissa Abad
The most humble sweetest people you will ever meet

- Violet Mondacci
Walked in for the first time and I was met by 2 sweet, smiling, friendly and clearly knowledgeable and passionate people. They made me feel confortable and walked me through the process, took the time to talk and answer my questions and opened my eyes to a possiblity in my future goal endeavors with them by my side. YOU, GOT TO CHECK IT OUT

- Roberta Raimondi
My time with Rev has been legitimately life changing. I have lost weight (a lot!), but more importantly am healthier than I ever have been, and have a completely new relationship with food. The community and atmosphere they’ve built is so positive and uplifting; the best investment I’ve made for my health and happiness.
- Danni Lammi
Revolutionize is the BEST! The whole team is friendly, professional, knowledgeable and so much fun. As a client, you will feel like top priority and you will be held accountable for your progress. Not only will you learn so much about nutrition and exercise, you will develop (and crush!) personal goals. TEAM REV!
- Kayla Giovinazzo
I've been a client at Revolutionize Nutrition for 2 years. I came to them as a Nutrition client who was interested in competing. They taught me how to eat to reach my fitness goals. And they are always available for questions and they help keep me accountable. When you become a client at Revolutionize you basically become family. They will help you when you struggle and make sure you get back on track. Whether you are interested in Nutrition or Competing or both, this is the best place to be.
- Shafon McNeil
Been going to Rev for over two years now. Such a great group of people that genuinely care about your health and nutrition, not the most recent fad diet or trend! They have totally changed the way I look at dieting and food. I learn from them, they help hold me accountable when I need it, and they treat you like family!
- Bill DiPierro
Revolutionize brings a smart and easy way to nutrition and healthy living. What ever your goals are, they can tailor their methods to any life style.

Everyone in their office is professional and a pleasure to work with! When you walk in you feel more like family than a customer.

I highly recommend Revolutionize!
- Nic Ross
I have been working with Revolutionize Nutrition since December 2014 for my first NPC Fitness Competition. Since then they have been a constant support managing my weight/health. The Macro plan is easy to follow and produces results as long as you put in the work and follow it 100%. You will never feel like you’re on a “diet”! The team at Rev is caring, genuine and knowledgeable.
- Nina Cammarata
BEST DECISION EVER!!! I started Rev in Oct 2017... I’ve worked out forever ate “healthy” and still wasn’t seeing the results I felt I should have. Within 3 months of following my plan from Rebecca everything changed.... my body, my energy, my strength. Hands down the best decision I made! Rebecca is amazing, Michelle and Randy make you feel like a part of the family every time you walk in! It’s been 2 years and I still love it and I have successfully kept my inches off without killing myself in the gym day after day.
- Katie DiNonno
Absolutely love revolutionize! They are professional, fun and very knowledgeable. They work with everyone, people trying to lose weight, build muscle, pro athlete etc. Affordable prices also
- Sijara Eubanks
I’m super happy that I found this place! Their nutrition advice helped me get rid off my baby weight. I also learned how to keep a healthy relationship with food. I highly recommend them!
-Gabriela Vaca
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